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mixed media

P/ART is Pascale De Snijder, business manager of branding communication agency BOX32 and training agency Brand-Story. Pascale took courses in painting in daytime and evening classes. Painting nude models as well as still lifes in the most diverse techniques? Pascale masters it all. But for years, she has focused entirely on minimalism, a style she already developed in her free work at the academy.

Ton sur ton and black on white in a natural color palette, that's what you recognize P/ART by. Often from accents in color or texture, a swirling force erupts. Because when Pascale paints, adrenaline is gushing through her veins and her head is empty. A true explosion of creativity.

P/ART's works offer more than the eye first discovers. Pascale: "I create with paint, plaster, textures, varnishes and lacquers. Each viewer must become one with the artwork, that is my goal. The more beautiful you find a work of art, the more dopamine is released in your brain. That makes you happy deep inside."

Each work is unique, which is why Pascale rarely, if ever, paints to order. Art you have to see ... And then suddenly think or say, "That's mine, I've been looking for that for a long time."

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