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Bilal Salmi and Jerome Dieu, hailing from diverse creative backgrounds, fused their expertise to establish A2Studio. This experimental hub blurs the lines between Art and Design, showcasing a unique aesthetic born from their shared passion for refined craftsmanship.

Their collaboration merges Bilal's background in Fashion as a Creative Windows Dresser with Jerome's experience in User Interface and User Experience design. Together, they sculpt and craft objects, infusing them with artistic sensibility and professional expertise.

Employing mixed lightweight materials and varied techniques, they explore shapes and volumes, achieving a delicate balance between sculptural containment and bodily intimacy. Their creations, inspired by nature, animals, bodies, and architecture, evoke a universe oscillating between Art and Design, characterized by both order and chaos.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, Bilal and Jerome's curiosity extends to realms such as Arts, architecture, photography, and calligraphy fueling their works.


Bilal Salmi

Bilal worked frantically for many years in the fashion industry as a creative at Ralph Lauren Benelux and as a window designer, notably for the Giorgio Armani Group, staging luxury products.

Over time, he felt a natural need to return to simplicity and the slowness of expressing himself visually, artistically, and always manually through more personal projects in sculpture.

Bilal imagines and creates objects and sculptures, by working delicately on their shapes and forms.


Jerome Dieu

Trained as a User Interface and User Experience Designer, and working in the digital industry for nearly 15 years. His passion for digital has given him the opportunity to work for a number of agencies and organizations in Brussels, London, and Antwerp.

Craftsman from an early age, and passionate about materials and their technical processing, Jerome works on the research and development of innovative techniques (materials, techniques exploration, etc.) and meticulous craftsmanship.

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