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by Katrijn Van Der Vurst -23/02/24-

Katrijn Van Der Vurst, (b. 1982, Oordegem) is an intuitive artist who creates paintings and mourning objects in ceramics.

After an artistic education, Katrijn did not enter the professional art world but chose a different career. Only years later came the realization that she needed to give more expression to her existence by rediscovering the artistic.
Starting with abstract painting, followed by a love for ceramics, she has been creating abstract urns under the name STIL for several years.

Katrijn's work is characterized by round and organic forms, in earth tones.
Always searching for interesting textures, inspired by nature and the universe in its power and amazing beauty.

Katrijn approaches her work through emotions that are difficult to put into words. She has a strong intention to translate in her objects what we cannot see but intuitively sense.

With STIL, she wants to use this intangible feeling to create space around her urns that are free of interpretation. To soften and integrate warmer home preservation of a loved one.

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