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Abstract art, mixed media

SEREEN offers support when everything becomes quiet.


Art is accompanied by emotion, which also includes grief and loss. The SEREEN collection was created from this perspective. Subtle use of color and layered structures, searching for a certain balance. Symbol for the course of life. 


The works radiate a certain peace and tranquility. While, due to their emotional layers, they fill an entire room. 


As an empathetic and serene person, artist Kim Van Boven tries to offer comfort in difficult times in this mourning collection. Art in which the ashes of your loved one are processed in a respectful way. 

A worthy and innovative alternative for those who want something slightly different. 



More about the artist 


Kim Van Boven (°1981, Dendermonde) started his professional artistic career at the age of 37 with a preference for abstract art. 

He proves that creativity and artistic talent is a gift bestowed upon him by nature. Since then he has developed his talent.

Over the years, Kim has been able to establish several collaborations with interior architects. He also has his own art gallery in Mechelen, where he also gives others the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience. Furthermore, Kim came up with an innovative concept to respond to the ever-evolving trend in grief processing. SEREEN was born to support grief and loss. 



How does everything work?


After receiving the ashes of your loved one, Kim starts a personal and emotional art process. In the next phase, the axes are fixed to the cloth for sealing. The structural layers and paint are then applied, with an eye for detail. All this to ultimately create a high-quality and unique work of art. Each work of art also includes a certificate of authenticity with reference to and in memory of your loved one. 

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