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Abstract  art

Studied Free Graphics at Higher St. Luke's Institute Brussels and painting at Higher Institute Antwerp

Exhibitions: Leuven, Vlezenbeek, Antwerp, Merksem, Hasselt, Sint-Niklaas, Namur, Liège, Strombeek-Bever, Brussels, Grimbergen


Luk Lambrecht once wrote about Eddie Timmermans' work as follows: "The art of Eddie Timmermans is moody, transverse and does not allow any ringing. His paintings breathe the moment of creation itself, not the convenient zeitgeist that regulates what is and is not allowed, or rather what is less, better or not in the market. He does not like fixed straight lines, formatted schemes and preconceived compositions- freedom of thought and action runs like a delightful and usually contrary thread throughout his works and thinking."

In his paintings there are no or few forms recognizable to reality. He lets his thoughts wander off into the paint and like a dashing ice skater he manages to make this 'lane' his own.

Suggest rather than illustrate: freedom of artistic action above following trends and fashions in which we (re)know Eddie Timmermans.


Colors sparkle in his work on all kinds of carriers that undergo the willingness to tangibly fix the artistic gesture as a kind of view of his relentless desire for FREEDOM.

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