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by Fréderique Vanvlasselaer

Ceramics, funeral art

Available at M.E.R.G.E.D gallery from  February 23, '24

Fréderique Vanvlasselaer (°1978, Bonheiden) is a porcelain artist and started making ceramics as a self-taught artist, only later enrolling at the Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent. Vanvlasselaer's artistic research focuses on applying textures to the surface of the skin, inspired by textures created by decay such as old layers of paint peeling off, cracks in a wall or a rotting piece of wood.

The work of Fréderique Vanvlasselaer is both functional and sculptural, pure forms in which the power is hidden in simplicity. All objects with a clear design, characterized by their organic character and refined finish.


The works of Fréderique Vanvlasselaer exude tranquility. To contribute to the mourning revolution, Vanvlasselaer designed ASHES, a porcelain art object that can lend its value to storing the cremated ashes of a loved one. ASHES is a contemporary creation to normalize the theme of grief and loss and make it part of daily life with a warmer and more personal way of saying goodbye.

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