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Kurt Liefsoons

As a professional photographer with a great love for the painting and drawing of the old masters, Kurt Liefsoons (Hasselt, B) has always been fascinated by the thin dividing line between traditional art and contemporary photographic and digital techniques.

He first immersed himself in the art of classical drawing and won several national awards for his work. With a penchant for portrait photography, it was inevitable that these two worlds would eventually merge in the series of works presented here.


However, just like in his commercial photography work, he does not allow himself to be pinned down to one specific technique or theme. His work ranges from photorealistic figurative drawing and painting (charcoal, pastel, pencil, acrylic, oil, ...) to digitally manipulated images to purely photographic work that often retains the link with painting. He has recently also focused on abstract work.


His work embodies the union between a traditional artistic vision and contemporary digital innovations, giving classic art forms a contemporary breath while reinterpreting them with boldness and originality.

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