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Hilde Van de Walle

Lives and works in rural Velzeke (Zottegem). Her studio is in the middle of the garden. It is the place where she can fully devote herself to the thinking and creation process. An intense form of dialogue with her images.
Worked as a teacher of spatial education and figure drawing at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent.

Working in her studio in combination with teaching was the ultimate symbiosis for her. Her visual work includes sculptures in bronze and composite. To date, the appreciation of her work has been confirmed by exhibitions at home and abroad and various realizations in public buildings, public spaces, roundabouts and squares.



Hilde Van de Walle investigates the mystery behind humanity. She wants to achieve maximum expressiveness with her images. For her, this is a permanent quest to develop a strong image with as little readable indication as possible.
Her images are a stationary fraction of a movement in which the viewer can question or interpret the preceding or subsequent action.
The visual language is idiosyncratic, it subverts the usual anatomy into its own proportions, whereby parts of the body are consciously eliminated into a pure form of expression.

Their understated charisma stimulates dialogue with the environment and the viewer, even the residual space around and between the images are not voids but resonate like a sounding board of what cannot be grasped.

Hilde's bronze works of art are suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. The collection also includes large statues.

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